Meet Karen

Karen and her natural living philosophy

My holistic vision for animals and the environment

Human health, animal health and the health of the ecosystem are inextricably linked: my vocation is to offer animals natural products because we all benefit from them.

I’ve decided to share the selection of natural products that I’ve been using for years on my animals with excellent results, to help animal lovers on the road to health for all.

I’m Australian, currently living in Monaco, and my lifelong commitment is to animals. I managed a farm in Western Australia, housing a variety of animals, including dogs, horses, goats, pigs, ferrets, geese, and many others.

My love for animals extends to all species, but I feel a particular affection for dogs and horses. I’ve had the opportunity to train alongside renowned trainers and canine behaviorists such as Cesar Millan, Linn Boyke, Tom Davies, Larry Krone, and Robert Cabral. I hold diplomas from the IANLPC (International Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Canine Coaching) and the IAHT (International Alliance of Canine Holistic Therapists) in Canine Behavior, Canine Nutrition, Canine First Aid and Veterinary Assistance.

My quest for learning is never-ending, as the disciplines are constantly evolving. It’s essential to keep abreast of new techniques to help dogs maintain their balance and happiness.
In 2016, I founded Happy Dog MC, for canine psychology consulting, offering advice, support, and training to dogs and their owners. I’m deeply convinced that dogs can thrive in our human world when we respect their animal nature and communicate effectively with them.

I am a strong advocate of the holistic vision of One Health, recognizing the interdependence of human, animal, and environmental health. I attach particular importance to nutrition and hygiene, two essential pillars for the psychological and physiological well-being of animals.

The diet and digestive health of animals can directly influence their behavior. That’s why my mission is to provide all animals, not just my own, with a natural diet, free from chemicals and toxins. A biologically appropriate diet, rich in proteins, vegetables, fruits and herbs, promotes a holistic balance of body and mind, for both humans and animals.

My approach also extends to pet care products, favoring plant- and herb-based options.

Animals depend on our choices, and I make sure I choose the best solutions for their well-being.