Food is good and health starts in the bowl.

Bianco-Line Pet natural foods bring well-being to your pets solely through the properties of the ingredients, selected for their high nutritional value and function. Using only Premium products with a high biological value, without synthetic additives (preservatives, stabilisers, thickeners, zootechnical additives, nutritional supplements) in the recipe results in food that is highly digestible and rich in essential nutrients,and can be an excellent pathway to good health for dogs and cats.

Cold-pressed Dry Food, Dehydrated preparations, Complements and Treats 100% natural for taste and well-being!

Baucrock natural biscuits for dogs are made according to the same principles: to offer healthy, natural and simple food, because it’s essential to take care of our four-legged friend’s diet to keep him active and healthy.
A moment of indulgence that the artisan baker decided to satisfy for his beloved dog by preparing the biscuits with his own hands, combining his experience as a baker and selecting, above all, quality ingredients. That’s how Baucrock biscuits were born, from a dough that’s nutritious, healthy and wholesome.

Dog biscuits that are good for people too!

The beauty of well-being.

Linea 101 Love for Pet formulations are based on finely-balanced blends of latest-generation ingredients, different for each reference, chosen for their efficacy and delicacy, and with a constant focus on performance. All balanced with selected, functional and highly concentrated plant oils: this is the concept of the “Plant Formula”. The products are perfected with IFRA-certified fragrances, free from parabens, dyes and propellants that can damage your animals’ coat and skin, leaving them as clean and scented as ever! The products are divided into the following lines according to their function: Shampoos and Conditioners, Treatments, Active, Protection, Fragrances, Horses, Home.

The organic products of the Castello del Pellegrino farm, located in the hills of the Marche region, reflect Karen’s Plus vision of One Health, the interconnection between human, environmental and animal health.

Organic helichrysum hydrolate has been created with respect for the ecosystem and environmental protection, to support us and the animals.

It’s good for everyone!


Food is good


The beauty of well-being