Does your dog or cat
have specific dietary needs?

The composition of personalised food for dogs and cats with specific dietary requirements, allergies, intolerances, digestive issues, gastric problems, and more, is designed and formulated specifically to assist each animal.
These health issues can be improved through a healthy and natural diet. Just like us, dogs and cats can suffer from food intolerances, may have incompatibilities with certain ingredients, and, recently, with additives, preservatives, and dyes used by many pet food manufacturers.

Bianco-Line Pet has always been characterized by not including any nutritional additives, preservatives, and/or dyes in the composition, relying solely on the quality of the raw materials used. In particular, all ingredients that could trigger allergic reactions or contribute to a critical state of health are carefully selected and examined as part of personalized dietary plans.

We can reduce or increase the doses of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and fibers; control the percentage of certain minerals; add natural acidifiers useful in the treatment of certain conditions.
All of this without underestimating potential nutrient deficiencies that may be lacking or absent in exclusion diets and personalized diets.

From custom dry food to chew treats, from hypoallergenic foods to dietary supplements, Bianco-Line Pet specializes in the production of delicious and appetizing functional snacks that cater to the dietary needs of individual dogs.


Food is good


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