Cold-pressed dry food formulated with a low fat content and ingredients specially selected to promote liver detox, including red chard and apple, ginger and an herbal blend to help eliminate excess fat from your dog’s body.

The Light Line is the ideal option for helping dogs achieve and maintain an optimal body weight, while guaranteeing delicious taste and a balanced diet.

Suitable for dogs who need to lose weight.

We have chosen Cod protein as the main base for Ligne Light because of its low fat content. However, a choice of different protein bases is available, while keeping the rest of the ingredients unchanged, to suit your dog’s preferences. You can opt for beef, buffalo, lamb, horse, rabbit or trout.

  • Produced without cooking or mechanical stress – preserved nutritional properties
  • Human Grade – very high-quality ingredients for human consumption
  • Grain Free
  • 100% natural – no nutritional supplements, synthetic additives, preservatives, stabilisers or thickeners

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Animal: Dog

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