Powdered dehydrated food with 62% dehydrated minced Duck as the first ingredient, to be rehydrated to make it moist, appetising, healthy and natural.

It contains a high percentage of protein and is balanced in terms of macronutrients, with minerals and vitamins provided exclusively by the selected ingredients. An innovative treatment system that guarantees considerable savings: wet food costs more than dry food, while this product doesn’t charge the same price for water as it does for meat!

It takes just a few minutes to prepare by mixing the required quantity with water or meat stock to make the product moist and more appetising.

Premium Food for cats of all breeds, sizes and ages.

  • Produced without cooking or mechanical stress – preserved nutritional properties
  • Human Grade – very high-quality ingredients for human consumption
  • Natural – no added colourings or preservatives
  • Better value – up to 60% savings compared to wet food

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Animal: Cat

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