Fenugreek, Cinnamon

Hydroglyceric extract produced by ultrasound eco-extraction for Dogs and Cats.

Diabet Line hydroglyceric extract has been carefully formulated to provide natural, balanced support in the fight against diabetes in dogs and cats.

Made from two extraordinary ingredients, Fenugreek and Cinnamon, it provides gentle, nutritious care for your pet’s diabetes.

This hydroglyceric extract can contribute to the well-being of diabetic dogs and cats by acting as follows:
Glucose regulation: thanks to the properties of Fenugreek, known for its ability to help regulate blood sugar levels, Diabet Line can provide valuable support in the management of diabetes.
Insulin balance: cinnamon is included for its ability to improve insulin sensitivity, helping to maintain a proper sugar balance in your pet’s body.

  • 100% natural – total plant complex in aqueous form
  • REUS ultrasound technology – the plant’s active principles are transferred to the water and glycerine solution
  • Highly beneficial – provides all the beneficial properties of plants and fruit
  • No heating and fast – cells and DNA are intact
  • Rich in active principles of extracts – dynamised, highly bio-available and effective

Bottle: 100ml


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Animal: Cat,Dog

Dose and instructions for use:

  • Dog: 1 to 3 drops of extract per kg of the animal’s body weight, 2 times a day.
  • Cat: 2 to 5 drops of extract per kg of the animal’s body weight, 2 times a day.

It is recommended to administer the product away from meals to enhance optimal absorption, minimise possible side effects and boost the efficacy of the specific ingredients, allowing them to perform their action in a more concentrated and targeted way.

Aqueous solution subject to natural sedimentation, shake before use.
Keep out of direct sunlight and refrigerate after opening.